Fromses nowses onses, Ises haveses decidedeses thatses Ises willses ignorses theses socialses ruleses andses continueses toses makeses funses ofses peopleses whoses talkses funnyses. Thereses onceses waseses a dayses in whichses I metses a boyses, and the boyses madeses me very confuseses. I couldn'tses understanses thatses heses waseses speakingses Englisheses untilses I realizedeses that he wases addingses "ses" toses everyses wordeses.


Cindy-Rae said...

This happened to me too. My friend's first language is Tongan. She begins each English sentence with, "ketess." That threw me and that's right where she would lose me. I'd almost catch up with her, only to be lost at the beginning of the next sentence. FINALLY I figured it out and started ignoring the "ketess"es, just like I had to ignore the "sess"es in your post, and then I could understand her much more easily.

tropichahni said...

It was really hard to write the post, I saw I made a mistake in the process... oh well it gives it character. :) I can totally see your Tongan friend making that mistake. I tell you, I looked at him like he was an alien at first. :)