Well, I did it, I signed my life away! I am locked into a year contract with a gym. It is really really expensive and I hesitated to go for it... but I knew that it was the only way to get me committed to doing it. If it was cheap, I would never go.  The best thing about it is that it includes the pool. I am a fish and I love the water!

So, today I am going to look for a swimming suit, this might be the most difficult task for the entire year. Finding a swimming suit for a girl my size isn't the easiest task in Brazil. In the USA it is difficult for other reasons, my size is usually the first sold in the states. In Brazil, I am lucky if they make my size. Anyway, about to change that I hope :)  I am totally excited about it. They have so many classes I want to participate in, like boxing :D he he he!

I am sure this is not the last time you hear about the gym, it is a year contract after all. :-)

--- Update:  Expensive doesn't necessarily mean commitment---  Ooops!

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